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Product Upgrade

Owners of the Fox® Audio CD Burner™ versions listed below are eligible for Fox® Audio CD Burner 7 upgrade:

  • Fox Audio CD Burner3 Upgrade/ESD/SE/SE
  • Fox Audio CD Burner4 Upgrade/ESD/SE/SE
  • Fox Audio CD Burner5 Upgrade/ESD/SE/SE
  • Fox Audio CD Burner6 Upgrade/ESD/SE/SE
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In order to purchase the upgrade version, please take a moment to enter your product serial number below.

Please type in your serial number in the following format:

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  • The upgrade version can only be purchased directly from Foxeasy. Upgrade is not available in retail stores.
  • A non-trial version of one of the above products must be installed on your system in order to install the Upgrade version. If you only have the free trial version of one of the above products, please purchase the full version .